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5 simple ways you can help the homeless when you travel

If you’re anything like the GoodBooker team, travelling sure makes you feel good. But what if we told you, that you could feel even better about your next adventure? Without much effort and zero extra expenditure, you can make a big difference in the lives of others when you travel. Sadly, there are still people affected by homelessness in pretty much every country you can think of. Next time you plan your trip and visit your dream destination, we encourage you to pause and think about how you could help those less fortunate than yourself.

But how you ask? Well, that’s why GoodBooker is here to share five simple ways you can help homeless people around the world before and during your next trip. 

Ready? Let’s do this.

1: Book accommodation using GoodBooker

You may have only just started planning your next big adventure but it’s not too soon to help the homeless. Find and book your accommodation through GoodBooker, the brand booking site with a Room for a Room pledge. Essentially, every room you purchase via the GoodBooker website will be matched with a donation of a room for someone that needs somewhere safe to rest their head for a night. Discover the GoodBooker mission here: GoodBooker Story

2: Transform your summer wardrobe with a social impact business

Looking to rock a new outfit or two on your next holiday? Yeah, us too!  After a long dark winter, it’s hard not to look at the summer wardrobe and feel the overwhelming need for a revamp. The only difference is, this summer, you can look epic and help homeless people at the same time. You could pick up your fresh garments from Bombas, where every item you buy is matched with the donation of an equivalent item to homeless shelters. Now, how good does that new summer tee feel knowing it powered a little act of kindness? 

3: Put Your Leftover Currency to Work

Fed up of getting home from your latest adventure to find cents, rupees or yen rattling around in the bottom of your bag? Next time you near the end of your holidays, take a moment to collect up your spare change and put it to work in the local community before you depart for home. You could give your change directly to an individual, find a donation box for a charity focussed on homelessness or even use it to buy someone in need a bite to eat.

4: Share a healthy bite to eat 

Picture this: You’re on holiday, sitting in the sunshine, eating your Mr Whippy and you spot someone who’s unfortunately homeless. Given that you’re a good soul, your natural inclination is to buy someone in need the same thing you have. 

But before you go all in on the ice cream, think about what that person needs. Quite often, we tend to buy rough sleepers easily consumable junk food as it’s quick to grab and, hey, it’s damn tasty too! In reality, if everyone buys our homeless communities fast-food, we’re likely to have a very damaging impact on their health. So, why not grab something fresh and healthy instead? You’re rarely short of healthy options, whether that’s fruit, a salad, a soup (in colder climates) or a sandwich. But if we’re fighting a losing battle and your heart is set on the ice cream, don’t forget the flake and raspberry sauce.

5: Join a social expedition to help the homeless… 

Okay, this one’s not for the faint-hearted, but there is an abundance of incredible social expeditions out there designed to help communities in need. By joining, you can see the world and make a difference to the lives of others at the same time. For expeditions that help the homeless, head to sites like GoOverseas.com and filter by homelessness to find projects like this one in Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks for reading! If you’re planning your next adventure, do take a moment to check out GoodBooker, the Room for a Room company that’s on a mission to end homelessness. For every hotel booking you make through our site, we’ll provide a room to someone in need. Our search is powered by Booking.com, so the world is your oyster when it comes to accommodation options. Why not get started here.