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Travelling with a conscience – the motivation for GoodBooker

In April I spent two weeks on holiday in Brazil, travelling to Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and islands off the coast of each.

Brazil had been high on my wishlist for years and with the nudge of some great prices on Norwegian Air’s new route from London to Rio, I was off.

Brazil was incredible, amazing scenery, fantastic people and a party vibe that seemed to even find rhythm in a tone-deaf Brit.

While I loved the country and would highly recommend a visit there to anyone, there was a very visible and stark problem with the number of people sleeping rough on the streets, evident in both Rio and Salvador. Brazilian cities seem to be inundated with self-built favelas that provide a form of shelter, however, this is still out of reach for many people.

While the Brazilian economy continues to strive for growth and tourism becomes increasingly popular there will need to be a concerted effort to get a portion of the benefits down to those most in need.

While government policy will likely be the key to unlocking the provision of a home for all, we thought that there must be a way that visitors to a location can help to ease the problem; hence GoodBooker.

GoodBooker will strive to provide accommodation for the homeless community by taking a portion of the commission charged to hotels when you reserve rooms through our website and then allocating it those most in need. The Room for a Room Pledge™ aims to provide a room for someone that would otherwise be without, in return for the hotels you book for work and holidays.

Becoming a GoodBooker still enables you to receive the normal hotel prices through Booking.com and won’t cost you a penny more. The only difference is that part of the commission charged to the hotel will go to supporting those in desperate need of a roof over their head.

Travelling Soon? Here’s an itinerary for 12 days

  • Salvador (1 night)
  • Morro de São Paulo (2 nights)
  • Rio de Janeiro (5 nights)
  • Ilha Grande (3 nights)

Although short the trip provided an amazing mix of city and island life. Morro de São Paulo and Ilha Grande both offered their own charm; Morro a developed island with bustling bars, beaches and some great places to snorkel. Ilha Grande is a rugged, back to basics place with a thriving backpacking culture, great opportunities to hike through the jungle and excellent snorkelling.