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GoodBooker launches to tackle Homelessness through travel

GoodBooker turns travel into a force for good by contributing towards shelter for those facing homelessness, through hotel booking commission.

Birmingham, UK | 28 January 2020 - GoodBooker today announces the launch of its hotel booking website to tackle homelessness through travel. GoodBooker offer businesses and individuals a travel website with a social purpose, by redistributing hotel booking commissions to people facing homelessness. As a result, every night of accommodation booked through GoodBooker.co.uk contributes to overnight accommodation for individuals in need of somewhere safe to sleep. Commission is charged to the accommodation provider, so there is no additional cost to the customer when booking a hotel through GoodBooker.

With more than 100 million people across the globe living without any housing, GoodBooker’s arrival has created an innovative way to combat homelessness by unlocking additional funding beyond charitable donations. GoodBooker is powered by Booking.Com so once users search for accommodation via GoodBooker, they have full access to incredible hotels across the world at the usual Booking.com rates and the Genius loyalty rewards. After a booking is completed, 50% of the commissions received by GoodBooker are then put to work to help support homelessness in communities across the UK and beyond.

To ensure hotel bookings made through GoodBooker support overnight accommodation for people facing homelessness, GoodBooker partners with some of the world’s leading homelessness charities, including Depaul International. As a result, business and individual users are able to socially offset their travel, knowing that every night of accommodation they book, supports the movement to end homelessness.

James Daly, Founder at GoodBooker commented: “It’s hugely exciting to be bringing a digital travel solution with a social purpose to market. We’re seeing businesses and individuals switch to GoodBooker from traditional accommodation booking websites as they strive to make a positive impact on homelessness. It’s been fantastic to see people respond so positively & proactively to end homelessness, and it feels great to be able to help them do this at no extra cost to themselves or their businesses.”

Jason Eades, Senior Partnerships Manager at Depaul International commented: “Depaul International is delighted to be an official partner of GoodBooker. We look forward to working together in our common goal to tackle homelessness in the UK and overseas. Our partnership will help us strive toward our vision of creating a society in which everyone has a place to call home and a stake in their community.”

Are you a business owner or responsible for booking your companies hotel stays? If so GoodBooker would love the opportunity to speak to you and see if we can provide you with an excellent CSR opportunity, supporting homelessness while receiving your normal, Booking.com hotel rates. Find out more on the website.

To find out more and to start supporting those facing homelessness while you travel, visit goodbooker.co.uk and follow on Instagram @goodbookr

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Notes to Editors

    1. GoodBooker is on a mission to fight homelessness. For every hotel room booked through GoodBooker.co.uk, we give funding to leading homelessness charities to provide shelter for those in need. As a result, we help businesses and individuals socially offset their travel and join the movement to end homelessness.
    2. Businesses that choose to use GoodBooker to book hotels can add the GoodBooker partner logo to their website and marketing documents and will be promoted through our website and media outreach.
    3. Depaul International is an international charity supporting homeless and marginalised people around the world. It is the parent organisation of a group of charities that operate in UK, France, Ireland, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA and Croatia. Depaul International manages more than 80 different projects internationally providing shelter, food, medical care and a place of safety for over 19,500 individuals each year. depaulinternational.org
    4. There are an estimated 4,677 people sleeping rough on one night in England, according to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s report on Rough Sleeping Statistics Autumn 2018, England. This is up 165% from the 2010 total, and this figure only looks at those sleeping rough rather than those facing homelessness in one form or another.
    5. There are a wide number of charities and NGOs doing fantastic work, as well as government agencies that GoodBooker are not trying to replicate or take anything away from. Our purpose is to unlock new pockets of funding that can complement the great work being carried out already.

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