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Travel has the power to change the world and businesses that partner with GoodBooker turn simple hotel bookings into a force for good.

If you book hotels for business travel, a free GoodBooker partnership will help you support homeless people worldwide. Turns out, not all heroes wear capes, eh!

Plus, you won't need a cape to meet your social impact goals, supercharge your CSR program, and distinguish your business. You only need to start your next hotel search on GoodBooker.

Through our partnership with, you will have access to 29m+ accommodation listings in 228 countries at their fantastic prices. Plus, you'll still have access to Genius,'s loyalty program.

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Partner Benefits

The GoodBooker team will help promote the amazing impact you're having, with the people that matter to you. Partners benefit from:

  • Use of GoodBooker® Partner Logo
  • A Partner page on our website
  • Blog posting on our partnership
  • Social media promotion
  • Newsletter feature
  • Press release support
  • Invites to GoodBooker events
  • Homelessness Impact Reports
  • Business travel social offset certificate

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