We're on a mission to fight homelessness, find out why...

The GoodBooker Story

Ending homelessness, one booking at a time

After travelling to various corners of the globe, Tom and James witnessed the staggering number of people sleeping on the streets, without a safe place to call home.

Wanting to help the one billion people in the world without adequate housing, they founded GoodBooker to find innovative ways to fight homelessness without relying on donations. Our goal is to provide accommodation for people facing homelessness with each room booked via our website.

Hundreds of people making GoodBooker reservations have started the mission to end homelessness - one hotel booking at a time.

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How it works

In two simple steps, together we can use the joys of travel to end homelessness…

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When you purchase hotel rooms and apartments via GoodBooker, we provide funding to support overnight accommodation for people facing homelessness.




The GoodBooker team works with homelessness charities, NGOs and businesses around the world to ensure your generosity reaches those most in need of accommodation.

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Helping the Homeless with Depaul International

We partner with Depaul International, a UK registered leading global homelessness charity, to ensure every room you book on GoodBooker makes an impact. As our partners, they are critical to our understanding of, and how we give to homeless and marginalised people around the world.

Crucially, our partnership ensures the funding your hotel bookings provide is distributed to those in need. Depaul runs 80+ international projects, providing shelter, food, medical care, and a place of safety for over 22,000 individuals each year. And with your help (and hotel bookings), our shared mission of ending homelessness can become a reality. Find out more about Depaul International's incredible work right here.

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